Airborne Drones- copied from Hello Peter website

Hi Droneafrica( aka Airborne drones ). We noticed you reported this incorrect cutting after we handed you over to our attorneys for accounts not paid. Kindly note that no mention was made of this supposed incorrect cutting after we delivered the parts. Only 3 months after we requested payment were we informed that the cutting was incorrect. We thought this suspicious, but non the less offered to fix the problem at no charge or even replace the material. No communication was received from John James Gerber ( owner of Droneafrica aka Airborne Drones ) regarding the matter.

We are still willing to rectify the problem, but we cannot seem to get hold of you on any landlines or cant seem to get any response from your email addresses.

Kindly contact us if you need the problem rectified.

Kind regards,

Rayno ( not Reno ) von Schlicht
Rind Routing