Airborne Drones Cape Town. Terrible service, Terrible products

 Date:- 06.08.2017

      Name / Company Name:- Ibraheem Camdeviren- Oyuncakhobi- Teknolojik Urunler Ticaret A.S

World Location & Nationality:- Turkey- Turkish

Name & Details of company reviewing:-

(Including Individual’s / Owner / Employees Names have been in contact with)


  1. Airborne Drones
  2.  John James Gerber
  3.  David Bezuidenhout
  4. JJ Rebello


Date of Order Placement:- 19.02.2016

Original lead time to supply specified by manufacturer:- 1 month

Was your Systems Delivered on Time YES / NO:-       If NO, Approximately how late (Days / Months Years):-

No- 6 months later!

Purchased items details including costs etc:-

4 systems including ground stations- $63,600

Extra costs incurred:-

We paid extra tax due to CE documents issues (Non proper units had sent)

     Dates of any items received

07.06.2016- the first A1 unit was shipped and it was in a used condition and defective (sent without case)

The other 2 units were shipped 2 months later around August 2016.  We got them 6 months Later

Condition of items received:-

We did order 3 units A1 with ground station and 1 full vanguard system with ground station.  The first A1 came in a defective condition without case and ground station was broken.

The other 3 units (2 x A1 systems and 1 Vanguard) came in our warehouse with a lot of missing parts inside such as propellers, batteries, cameras, charger…..

Do items meet described / promised specifications?

Not at all.  We asked for extra batteries, extra propellers (paid) but never sent.

We asked for 30x camera zoom for the day light camera but they sent 10x ones.

Quality of products are awful

Vanguard system was supposed to have pliable landing gear system but they did not do.

They declared that flight time for A1 system would be 45-50 mins but it does not even fly 30 min.

Vanguard flight time was declared for 92 mins but it did not even fly more that 50 mins

There are many things I dont even remember…….


Items/ issues still outstanding:-

All units are waiting in our warehouse and they did not even offer to replace with new ones or refunding money back.      We asked for money back they never answered.


Description of communications with the company during this purchase – how has the order and / or any issues been dealt with.

It was horrible.  What I can say so far they money and never communicate since then.

Are your Drone Systems fully Operational YES / NO


Would you recommend this company in any way?

You have to be stupid if you are willing to order any drones through this company